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A Luxurious 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath Vacation Rental Villa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

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Casa Coco's living and kitchen area is the "hub" around which the remainder of the villa "spokes". The large open brick arches framing one wall provide the architectural focal point and, coupled with the high ceiling, provide an open, airy feel.

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The living room surrounds you with much of the home's art collection. You'll find this room, with its comfortable seating area, to be the perfect spot to relax, read, watch television or listen to the stereo.

The recently remodeled kitchen provides all modern conveniences including range, oven, microwave and purified water system plus china, flatware, glassware and other necessities. The views through the large arched brick portal and overall ambience of the area help make it a comfortable spot for meal preparation and other tasks.

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